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Trevor. Born Fish Killer!

Trevor was born to kill fish. He knew all his sportfish (YFT, Dorado, YT, Marlin, ect) before he could talk. His first fish was a half pound rainbow trout at the age of two. He's is now 6 years old and is a regular part of my crew on local and offshore trips. Kid loves to fish.

Trevor when he was 4 years old with one of many sandbass.

Trevor when he was 5 years old with his first yellowtail. This picture got him on the cover of the Western Outdoors.

Trevor at 6 years old with his first dorado.

Here a picture of Trevor (now 7 years old) with his first Albacore caught at the 182 on a Mexican Flag jet head. Fish was caught on 7/8/07.

Here is another new picture of the boy with his first Yellowfin caught on a fly-lined sardine. Fish was caught 40 miles SW of Point Loma on 9/2/07.

This is a dorado he got about an hour after the YFT. The dorado was also caught on a fly-lined sardine.

Here he is acting like the goof ball that he is. This is a picture of a yellowtail that kicked his butt. After a 30-40 minute battle he threw in the towel and dad had to take over.

It was a good day...

Cold water has moved in so Trev and I decided to do a little rock codding. Here is a picture of Trev and his biggest stinky of the day.


It's now August 2008. Here are a few of Trev's catches so far this year.

Trevor with some Albacore caught at the 371 while trolling. Fish were caught on 6/28 and 7/26.

Hooked up with a nice Yellowtail.

Trevor showing off a couple Dorado. He got the small one on a fly-lined sardine and the large one on a trolled marlin jig.

Another Update:

Trevor and i fished the Chuck Byron Tournament on 9/13/08. We fished it hard and came up with a few nice fish. They weren't heavy enough to place but we had a great time anyways.

Here is a few pics of Trevor in action.

UPDATE: 2/7/09
Trevor enter the 2009 Lake Poway Youth Trout Tournament. He fished against 400+ other kids 15 years old and younger. Well what can I say... He took the overall grand-prize with a 6.93 pound rainbow trout! Here are a couple pics of the boy holding his catch and another of him receiving his trophy.

Another update:

Here is a picture of Trev with a 20.4 pound Halibut he caught (8/9/09) in the San Diego Bay on a live Sardine.

Trevor fished the San Diego Marlin Club Jr Tournament and took 1st place.

Trevor and I did a little offshore hunting. Found a scool of hungry YFT only 15 miles off Point Loma. We had a wide open bite for 2 1/2 hours. Trevor got to catch a few on his new bass rod.

Trev and his bass rod YFT

Here he is driving the Fish Magnet while I set the trolling lures. He is finally tall enough to see over the wheel!!!!

Here are some pics from a few of the trips Trevor and had over the past couple months.

Took the family camping at Santee Lakes. While the wife and daughter hung out by the camp fire, Trev and I headed down to the lake. Fishing was wide open. In just a few hours we ended up with about 6-8 cats and and about 6-8 largemouth. All caught on live shad under a bobber.

Took the boy out for a night of lobster fishing. He's finally strong enough to pull the ropes so we took turns pulling every other one.

Trev pulling in one of the hoopnets.

Trevor with the first legal of the night

Showing off a couple of the bigger bugs

Nights catch

Took Trevor out on the Constitution for a day and a half rockcod trip. The Constitutionis an 80 foot sportfishing boat out of San Diego. We ended up fishing 120 miles south of San Diego at a place called Punta Colonet Mexico.

Trev with his first lingcod. He caught two on this trip.

Trev holding one of many reds he caught on this trip. It was hard for him to hold this fish while I took the picture because the wind was blowing 20-25 knots and the swell 4-6 foot. NOT the greatest weather.

It's getting cold here and the water temps are dropping so it's time to break out the trout gear and get ready for the Lake Poway Tournanment. The next update should be all about Rainbow Trout.

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