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Bamboo Crazy!

My wife says my fishing obsession is switching to Bamboo. I'm not sure about that, but I am spending more time on land than I ever have and I have gone crazy for the many types of bamboo. When I bought my house ten years ago, it had some big stands on it and now they are bigger than ever. But the more I learn about it, the more I'm amazed by it's variety and growth rates. Many bamboo are runners and have sometimes given bamboo a bad name for taking over. There is an entire group of clumping bamboo that stay in a "clump" and can be easily managed in a small space. You can maintain a few culms(name for the stalks) as a specimen or let it go and get some screening for privacy. They do grow fast and that is a big part of the draw. A shoot bursts through the mulch and within 60 days it reaches it's full height whether thats 10 ft or 100ft. You can trim branches to expose the culms as much as you want. If you top a culm, it never gets any higher. Many can also be kept in pots. Here are a few picts of the highlights of the collection. I have gathered 14 different species of about 1200+ that are out there.
Does anyone else share this love of bamboo??
You will see that the black bamboo's come up green and then turn black with time.

Oldhami Bamboo

Hawian Greenstripe

Wamin Bamboo- This one stays knobby and 10ft

Tropical Black Bamboo

Timor Black Bamboo

Fishing Pole Bamboo

Blue Bamboo

Budda Belly Bamboo

Arrow Bamboo

Black Asper - This is a giant to be.

The Node of Black Asper

Angel Mist (White) Bamboo

Timber Bamboo - These are some fresh transplants. Some types can start new plants from cuttings that are buried at the node.
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