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ok, first of all, I would never have bamboo in my yard. That's one of the most invasive plants you can plant, their root system is like PVC piping that can extend to infinity and beyond. We bought a house in Ft. Worth in 1980 that had bamboo in the back by the pool; took me months to dig it all up and kill it.

However!!!, bamboo makes for great FREE push poles. One of my neighbors (actually Tom Gordon's inlaws) have bamboo in their yard and for 10 years I went over to their house a couple times a year and cut a couple 15-18ft. stalks, cleaned 'em up and used 'em for push poles. Then I got fancy and bought a Polecat pushpole.... I think the bamboo was better.

Every man needs a couple hobbies, one of yours just happens to be growing push poles. Congrats and good luck with that.

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