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Well what can you say??? For everyone interested in learning about something, I have included a quote from another website and there are many others. There is a place in New Symrna called Bountiful Earth. They have a huge collection and an amazing wealth of knowledge for those who are willing to listen!!
Raven, They have a description of many of the clumpers and their sizes and temperature parameters.

This clump is over 15 years old. It grows outward in a circle but does not send out runners. I only prune the driveway side which is as simple as snipping shoots as they come up. You can maintain a clump as small as you want. Keeping only the freshest nice looking culms.

Excerpt from Bountiful Earth website:
Choosing the right bamboo for your purpose: With over 1200 varieties of bamboo, one can usually be found to fit most needs. (Such as privacy, garden focal point, decorative yard plant, wind barrier, potted house plant, bonsai, soil retention, ground cover, forest grove, food, building material, crafts, instrument making, just to name a few!). Plants range from one foot ground covers to over one hundred foot giants, divided into two basic groups of running bamboo and non-invasive clumping bamboo. Be particularly mindful of the temperature extremes in your area and choose your plant accordingly. We have a minimum temperature field on our bamboo price list. These temperatures are the point that the plant may loose some or all of it’s leaves and are not necessarily temperatures that will kill the plant unless exposed over a long period.

Most plants recover fully from brief cold spells. Growing three times faster than most woody plants, bamboo can fill your needs quickly and beautifully.

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