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Moonlight poons

Decided to try out my new and future home down south at ENP. Had heard that the full moon would be great. I never had much luck fishing the early morning hours after a full moon night so I took the Skua and one rod.

The tides were bassackwards for a early launch so the trip was leasurely with stops at most of the side roads in ENP. This of course after a visit with Linda at Last chance and Honky Lil at Sam's. Lil at 85 and kicking, had more teeth than all the other regulars combined.
Got a view of one of the regulars at Long Pine key.

At Nine Mile pond, a kayak tour was being conducted by someone from the park. Sweet looking trailer.

My "trailer" wasn't quite as large

When I finally made it to the campground I broke out the new home. It was set up in just a couple of minutes and I didn't even look at the directions!

of course the Beck's and Grolsh beer cooler was set right at the side door to my home. For a quick car camp, I do like this set up.

What luck, there were two different large groups of college students. I even sat in on one of the classes they had to attend after dinner. Not sure where they were from but the vans all had Finger Lake College. I did try to impress the girls by performing an exit from the Skua while hooked up to a 4'+/- poon. Only lost a half beer, hat and dignity. Good thing the coozie was on a leash

As the sun set, large schools of poons started feeding. Though not wanting to practice another wet exit, there would probably be some snook following or leading the poons around. I spent several hours following the poons and was amazed to watch these fish, some had to be near 6', trying to get through the crooked cut ditch between Bradley and the mainland at lower tide.
After a few hours sleep and a quick paddle to Joe Kemp for a visit with my Mother, Packed and headed to the not to be named kayak shop next to the Carribean Club. Tried a couple of Werner paddles but didn't buy. There was even a girl there all the way from Europe who had all her teeth. She wanted me to tell her what is was like being a pyrat. I had to explain that I'm not a pyrat but a Flamingo Derelict.

I would recomend a trip to Flamingo for a full moon nite fishing trip! Next time, maybe even tomorrow, I'm taking the fishing yak!
"Fishing, with me, has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime"
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