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Grady's first Fishin' Trip

Dropped the Gheenoe in at Kelly Park on Friday in preparation for fishing over the weekend. The water is so low I am unable launch from my seawall as I have done in the past.

I had gotten some tips of places to fish from Derek earlier in the day Friday but chose on Saturday to take my son out for his first fishing trip on the boat (Gheenoe). He is a pro fishing off the seawall, but his attention span had not been long enough to fish from the boat yet.


Got a late start but we went to Fisherman's World at the port to get us a couple dozen Shrimp, he was excited to go to the Bait Shop and get some "Shrimp Bait".

Headed home to load up and head out around 11 AM. The plan was to fish a bend in our channel where it is deep and there are usually some fish there, or so I thought.

The ride out to our spot...


First time picking Shrimp out of the bucket (actually second time as I did not get a picture of the first time)


We caught 2 Catfish, 1 bobber fishing with his Zebco and 1 on a Jig head tipped with a Shrimp. Water was so clear we could see the bottom and the schools of Cat's and Ray's. He was happy so I was happy, though he was hoping for a Blow fish.

Was getting close to Lunch and Nap time so we headed in a little after 12:00.

Leading the way in...


I went back out Saturday afternoon/evening. Out on the flat North of our channel, got a hook up on a Red, I believe, but hook pulled out.


Decided to hit a couple spots on my own. River was glass again Sunday morning @ 7 AM as I headed out the channel. Ran over to the Bombing Target, poled on the West side of the bar from the target all the way down to 528. Saw 4 or 5 Reds but no takers and they scattered off. Saw ALOT of Rays, Cats and Puffers

Some guys were out Duck hunting right where the channel cuts thru, did not know they could hunt in that area, but the Shotguns broke the silence periodically.

I was limited on time so headed straight over to Kelly Park, and started poling flat South of KP and found a school of 10 to 15 Reds. Once again, no takers and they scattered, though I had more shots at them. Maybe I am doing something wrong ?? I was super quiet but as soon as I could see them, about 15 yards out, they would take off. They would just be sitting there, so there was no wake or water movement until I came upon them. Kept polling all the way home, which is close to 520.

I had not done that in years so was a welcomed re-learning experience, seeing what type of bottom was there, not a lot of grass, the key as to why there was no fish , once again, tons of rays, big ones too. Wade fishing has to be pretty hazardous right now.

Saw some Sheepshead in the deep hole off the channel heading to Wrecktem's house.

Got to the flat just North of our channel and ran into a couple more reds, no takers. Had a little time so hit the old canals there and once again nothing, had to head home as we were to head to Orlando around 12:30.

After we got back from side trip to Orlando we had a few shrimps left from the day before so we did some seawall fishing.

Little man steals the show, got him another Canal trout...


Little man out fished me for the weekend.

Daddy: 2 Catfish

Grady: 1 Cat, 1 Trout
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