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Keep it smooth

Salt is harsh on all components of fishing. Your reels take a beating from it every trip. We soap and chamois each rod and reel to get the salt off. Then after the reels dry, I oil the moving parts to keep them moving and the reel frame to keep them looking like new. It does not hurt to get a little on the monofilament, though I don't soak it.

In my garage, I use CRC's 656 spray lube. Lightly oil the moving parts and frame screws. Catch excess in a paper towel under the reel. Then wipe off all excess with clean paper towel.

On the boat where overspray is a problem, WD-40 has come out with great applicator which keeps the process very clean. A dispenser pen which flows when the tip is depressed.

Get each frame screw so that they will always be removable.

Get the sides of spools because salt is always trapped down in the line. All moving parts should be lubed.

Now wipe all excess off of the reel and store with the drags backed off.

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