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Point of Rocks

Was able to get out to Point of Rocks with my Niece Kelsea who is 3, and Nephew Luke who is 1 1/2. They are great little explorers. The past couple of weeks we have had a couple of negative tides, and when it gets below -.3 the rocks start to form really cool tide pools. You can find everything in there from Starfish, Stone Crabs, Sea Urchins, and even Baby Mangrove Snapper! I managed to get a couple of pictures, but they were hard to come by. There was too much cool stuff to look at so they didn't stay still for long.

Kelsea checking all the little pockets for cool stuff.

Found a cool shell that matched her swim suit....woulda been my favorite picture, but I managed to get a couple peps in the background...ugh. Lesson Learned.

Different types of plants live in the tide pools too.

Luke on a mission to use his net on something...

My sister Kate on a mission to get Kelsea to hold a Sea Urchin. It worked, untill it started to crawl on her hand, lol

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