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E-tec maintenance question

So I have a 90hp E-tec that is up for it's 3 year service, from what I've gathered they look at the lower unit, replace the water pump, change the oil, spark plugs, filters, check the compression before and after and run any computer updates... all that for about 450 bucks...

has anyway one had any experience in this? I figure I could change the oil (I assume in the lower unit?), filters and plugs myself.

Not sure why both places I called wanted to replace the water pump?

But obviously there is no getting around the computer updates. That just leaves compression...

The only thing I can tell that's wrong with it so far is it's been idling a little rough recently.

Any suggestions on how much I should do myself vs taking it in? and Anyone got a trust worthy e-tec mechanic to take it to?

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