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Follow up report:

Got a late start Sunday morning and just ran to Turtle Beach. Caught a decent trout on spin on the first cast and nothing else. Water was rough and cloudy, even at Siesta as well when we went to the beach later on.

Monday morning went to Point of Rocks. Very interesting place. Kind of like fishing in a washing machine at times when the sets break on the rocks. Water was much more clear than Sunday. More crowded than Turtle. Small greenbacks were everywhere but there were absolutely no predator fish near shore. Didn't catch a thing. Saw a few fish jumping offshore sparsely, looked to be mackeral but they were way out. But that place looked so fishy. Oh well. Some guys were there livebaiting...nothing. Met a dude from Michigan that was fly fishing...nothing. The gulf was calm offshore...looked like a lake out there. Tide was the fish prefer high tide in that area?

Still had fun going to the beach with the kid and family.

Thanks for the help and advice!
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