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Ive got a 17 pitch 3 blade Stainless Stilleto on mine. Motor is mounted in the highest position. I can get 5200 at about 42. I had a yamaha k17. that prop is alot easier to spin since its a clever design. Hotshot was great, but mid and top were not so good...if i remember something like 38 at 5500. The full ear design of the Stilleto really improved the cruise speed, 4200 rpm saw almost 5 mph increase, holeshot not as snappy as the K17, yet its still totally acceptable even with baitwell full. I would suggest a 16 pitch ported 3 blade. Youll prob get 5400-5500 which is perfect, and have a great holeshot and cruise. (a custom shop can always add +/- a pitch if you need)

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