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Regulations in Sian Ka'an are locked down pretty tight and get more restrictive each year. It's not like that down south. Only things to worry about are getting there safely, having the required safety equip. on board, having the importation paperwork handy and getting a written permiso from the local port captain, which may require a small mordida- er, I mean 'donation'. You can use just about any size boat as long as you don't run it into the reef or a coral head. That would be a very serious offense.

Last time I fished out of Punta Allen we had an invest sitting just offshore. I was sure the panga was going to flip on those big rollers. I don't know how the Enduro guys run those boats standing through that stuff. A Biscayne with the improved hull design might make it very do-able.

I have only one area called "El toro" where I will have to run outside the reef for about 1km to access a specific inland lagoon. Very confused currents mixed with rollers at times there. Other than that, I stay inside the reef but there are a few 100m wide reef breaks with a tall chop to pass by. Since the wind is always blowing hard inshore it can be quite a wet ride without spray rails near those passes.
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