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11/03/2011 Banana River

I hadn't had my boat out for over a month, so I figured I better get it out before it got mad at me and started breaking down. I went out at about 1:00 with the plan to explore some areas and then pick up my cousin when he got out of school.

I found one redfish swimming around a ton of mullet in a ditch. Judging from the looks on peoples faces driving by, they didn't think fish or boats could get back in there. He flopped out of my hands before I could get a pic, I had spooked the mullet and they were jumping in my boat and flying all around.

It was time to go get my cousin Dallas now, I went back to pick him up off Pineda cswy. We went and fished the south end of 1K islands. Not soon after we got in there he hooked a nice fish. Turned out to be about a 32" 12 lb red. I believe it is his largest to date. It was caught on a brown and gold glitter Gulp! jerkbait.

Even made it in time to make dinner and join the Back Country Fly Fishing Assoc. dinner at Mee Maws. I wound up joining, hopefully it will be a good excuse to do more fly fishing and tying.
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