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Thanks and great advice. I actually had replaced the fuel lines a few months ago as I was starting to smell gas and that was the easy fix. HB did great work and they were able to model a larger tank that Blue Point fabricated and powder coated. We were able to go from what I estimate to be 14.1 gallons to about 16.6 gallons, which will be a nice range increase for my Whipray with 40 2 stroke Merc. One of the non-HB boat repair places I talked to in Stuart was going to try and chisel the tank out of the hull (obvious red flag that helped me make up my mind to go to HB). The old tank had angle brackets welded to the sides that were then glassed into the hull. Without discussing the other boat place, HB described their process which involved cutting the glassed in brackets out. They mounted the new tank the same way they do on the new boats, glassing in receivers on the front and back that line up with the holes on the welded on angle brackets so that the tank is now bolted in. IF I can figure out how to insert a picture, I will add it to this thread.
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