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I know this is primarily a Florida forum (wish I lived there) but anyway running in far south TX flats (Port Mansfield south to Mexico) the water will be consistently 1' to 6" deep or less and there is no avoiding running in that unless willing to just stick to channels. So it is significantly different than FL waters. I sent a query in to HB asking them about the pros and cons of tunnel hulls vs regular but no reply as of yet. Saw a beautiful older Waterman the other day with a tunnel and my mind was pretty much made up at that time... Although a Whipray with a tunnel would be fairly awesome as well if that is an option.

Besides it is good to be mindful of tearing up the marine habitat in extreme shallows as there are many areas where the ugly prop scars are really hideous. It matters. As far as draft lost due to the tunnel, I could afford to lose 18 lbs. to offset that. =)

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