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We need your help

OK last night I hinted at some thngs going on in Everglades National Park and now I can tell more about it. Last thursday Myself along with Hal Chittum, Capt. John Kipp, Capt. Billy Knowels, Jason Swatwieser (sorry for the wrong spelling Jason) of the IGFA, Mitch Howell (famed Angler), Capt. John Donnell and Capt. Dale along with several outdoor writers and enviromental biologists met at the IGFA headquarters in Dania Fl. to discuss with the Superintendent of Everglades National Park the serious problems that are effecting Florida Bay.
You see Florida Bay is in deep trouble and is in need of help fast. Outside groups are threatening to file a Federal law suit against the Park for nor not protecting its resources. If this happens (and it will) the park will most likely be closed to boats untill the law suit can be settled which will most likely take years to do. If you dont think this can happen take a look at the Cape Hatteras National seashore. A similar law suit was filed last year and closed the area to its normal access for what looks like a min. of 5 years.
Hal and John Kipp developed a solid no holds barred plan to stop the abuse and restore the Bay to a point not seen in the last 50 years and keep the park open to boaters.
When all was said and done All of the parks biologist agreed with our findings and plan 100% so did all of the other Park officials except the superentendant. His obvious plan was to take their time and look at the problems and in the future discuss it more. THIS IN NOT ACCEPTABLE!
To show you his possitiion on this I offer this example. One of the problems identified was the 4 main canals and ditches that had their pugs blown out a few years back in a hurricane. This allowed salt water to rush in and destroy the freshwater mix of the marshes located west of Flamingo and above the North shore of Fl. Bay. These areas are vital for the rearing of juvinal redfish, snook, tarpon and trout. Before the plugs blew out biologists were netting loads of young gamefish in every cast not throw. In the last 3 years they have not caught one single fish.
We asked the head of the park why they were not fixing this problem and he said the #1 reason was funding. Hal then asked how much it would cost to do it. The super. would not answer but instead side stepped Hal. When pushed he finally gave a figure of 1.3 mil. to which Hal ask where do you want the check delivered? Hal had a private party that is ready to finance this operation. But instead of jumping for joy that the park could acctually get something done for nothing and in a record time the head man started making excuses for why they could not do it for probably at least a year or more. again THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! This eco system can not take this abuse by that time irreversable damage will occure. This was agreed on by all biologist present both ours and the parks.
The rest of the plan discussed was on the well being of the seagrasses in Florida bay which are under attack mostly by uneducated or uncaring boaters both professional and non. This problem is far worse than you can even imagine.
If any of you have fished Florida Bay you know that fishing is not was it used to be. Fish are not where they should be and are far more spooky when you do find them. The plan Hal and John have come up with is not unreasonable and WILL bring back the bay in record time to what the fishing was like 50 or more years ago. So as you can see this is a WIN WIN situation. The Park gets control over a massive problem that will get them sued. We get incredible fishing and the Keys prosper due to the return of fisherman who have given up fishing the Keys and gone to other locations both in and out of the country.
But we need to make this happen quickly. this where you come in. We need help spreading the word across the country that the Head of Everglades National Park is NOT protecting OUR resources and there is a plan out there that will save it. If you would like to help I want you to contact me at [email protected] and leave me your contact info so we can get the full story in your hands.
We were hoping for a favorable meeting with the park and this would happen quickly and effortlessly but sadly we will have to fight to save the most unique and incredible fishery in the world.
We are in the works of esstablishing a web site and producing both printed and video information about all of this and as soon as it is available we will get it to you.
Also if you want to help out in ANY way please let me know. We can use all we can get.
Corby Dolar
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