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Well, i just got the scoop from Chris at HB. What they are doing is coming out with a NEW model, not changing the Marquesa.

He says:

The following is a “Sneak” preview of the birth of the newest Hell's Bay!

The new boat is 18’2” and has an 80” beam, very nice poling skiff. Depending on how it is rigged with an engine, it will pole in 5” to 7” of water! This is a bigger boat than the Marquesa and the HB Guide.

The pictures are of the R&D test of the hull, a wood hull and stringer are temporarily in the boat for the test… along with a big bilge pump just in case; but we did not need it. We have torn the boat down and we are using it to make the stringer, floor, live wells and other molds to get it into production. We will not have it available to test again for a few weeks. We have not priced the boat and are trying not to take orders but we have 6 sold as soon as we start production!

The model does not have a name and any serious suggestions are welcome!

The boat poles and runs very nice in a chop, it exceeded Stan Nash’s design expectations, and so it is a go for production! We will be burning the “midnight oil” to get it ready to introduce it at the Miami International Boat Show.

Look for the rave reviews when it hits the water next month!

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