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My favorite way to throw a larger cast net

Check out Offshore Academy - Home for new fishing information and tips. I just loaded a video of my favorite cast net technique. A friend showed me years ago and it keeps you fairly dry and not hard to learn. It's all free so please check it out and help spread the word. Thanks, Scott

Cast Net Throwing, The Captain's Favorite Style.
Learning to throw the net is a matter of remembering the steps and getting the feel for the timing of the release. Practice in the yard before your trip. First, focus on opening the net and then a little on aim and projection for a little more distance. You will be able to catch your bait more quickly and spend more time fishing and less time chasing bait. A quality net is also worth the investment and will help in the opening of the net and should last for many years if taken care of. There are many, many ways to throw a cast net, but this is my favorite
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