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Trigger Happy

Grey Triggerfish are an excellent eating fish. I think they are as good as any snapper, but even a little firmer. They do have a very tough hide, but with a few tricks and a little practice, cleaning them is as easy as any other fish.
First we have to catch them. They are very aggressive eaters, responsible for many missing baits and chewed up livies. They have a very small, narrow mouth full of sharp teeth. I use a two-hook dropper rig built with three way swivels and 60lb mono and a very small, but strong hooks.

Small cubes of cut fish are best for toughness, but anything will get eaten. You will have to sort though some grunts and so on, but if the triggers are there, you will get them. As of now they are 12" minimum to the center edge of tail.

Now lets clean them! You cannot cut their tough hide from the outside. You must poke your knife in with the blade cutting the skin from the inside out.

Slice downward 2/3's of the fish, the blade only an inch or so in.

Then push on through and out the other side towards the tail.

Now turn the knife around and slice back towards head until the ribcage. Use the spine as your guide.

Then turn the blade upward and slice skin to seperate the fillet from the head.

Now take fillet and start at the tail end, angle knife at 30 degree angle and seperate the skin from the meat. You can skin it close, as there is no red meat on the backside of the skin.

Now I make a V-cut, removing the center line which has a few bones in it.

Now flip fish over and do the same. Hold will be a little different. When cutting up, Watch your Hand.

With a little practice you can whip them out and enjoy a fine Triggerfish dinner.

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