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captpn 04-13-2007 07:46 AM

Question - HB Professional 17.8
Hello ,

First post here...
Thinking of repowering my skiff, and wondering if anyone here can advise.

I have a new style HB 17.8 Pro, 2004. it has a Merc 60 4 stroke.

I see Capt Billy has the same hull with a Merc 90.
Im thinking of repowering soon, and was wondering what kind of performance you get?.

Im considering a Yami 90 for my repower. I know the Merc is a bunch stronger than the Yami 90. What kind of top speed do you get with the Merc? do you know what pitch prop you have? Hows the boat feel at wide open ? is it fairly safe / stable? Anyway any info would be great!

Currently mine does about 37 or so with the 4 stroke and a 14 pitch prop. i had a 15 on it, but the holeshot was non existant, especially with 2 peeps and a baitwell running.

Anyway, any info would be great, and its nice to see other Professional owners. Does anyone know how many of these boats were made? i dont think too many. I see alot of Marquesas and Guides...This is my 5th flats boat and my favorite so far!! The ultimate 2 man attack craft for sure!


Capt Billy Rotne 04-15-2007 02:51 AM


I love the 90 on my skiff! The performance in unbeleiveable throughout the entire throttle range, I have a 10 inch hole shot and the skiff tops out at about 45-47 mph with a 14 pitch prop, but by myself I have gotten over 50.

Now to be honest with you, that can be sceery fast in a 17.8, the boat is a different skiff above 40 mph. Once you get used to it you can drive it like you stole it easily if you want to, but you will give your passengers white knuckles. I have a side console so I take it easy getting up to top speed when people are with me. The skiff takes chop very well at high speed and as long as you arent running cross chop, you can usually go top speed in a decent sized chop, i.e. Islamorada bayside, and still stay dry. The extra speed really opens up water to you, I fish vast areas of water in one day. Im sure you will have no problem though as you already know the boat, but the difference between the 60 4 stroke and the 90 2 stroke is going to amaze you. It is not tabby at all at high speeds, it requires none at all, I keep mine up all the way, you just need to adjust the trim to get it tweeked from time to time.

All in all I love it and would not repower with anything else!


captpn 04-17-2007 06:03 AM

Thanks for the help Capt.
Now im excited to get the Yami rigged. :)

(for sale - warrenty till 2009, 2004 merc 60 EFI 4-stroke(220 hrs) with prop and all rigging and multi function gauge...$3800 let me know)

Capt Billy Rotne 05-06-2007 06:28 PM

So, did you get the yami rigged?

Wanna race?:D

captpn 05-08-2007 10:11 AM

not rigged yet, still running the Merc 60.

That 60 sips fuel, and no oil. Went to Nine Mile Bank from Marathon...17 miles one way, 42 mile round trip (w/ a few stops at the channel keys too) burned 5.5 gallons total on fuel management gauge. now thats impressive. but you would be there long before me;)

Anywho, if i get someone to buy my motor, then well race :p .

Capt Billy Rotne 05-09-2007 06:30 PM

5.5 gallons!

I use that much jumping on plane!!

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