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Fishing Destinations Thread, Everglades report in TribeNwater Fishing; Left my house at about 630 on friday morning to go pick up the boat from pugar. I was on ...
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Everglades report

Left my house at about 630 on friday morning to go pick up the boat from pugar. I was on my way after breakfast and what not. Ended up getting to Flamingo at 2:30ish. As I pulled up to the Ramp I look out at the array of keys reflcting off of the glass. I look out the marina and a Tarpon gently breaks the glass to force me to move a bit fast to get out on the water.
Friday pics

The night was great with lots of luaghs and good food by the fire.
Saturdays pics with mikey aboard the B2:y:

Captain mikey at the helm

Bill and Owen

Dead lizard

Mikey hooked up

the end result...

on the way home

Headed back to Flamingo after a great day in Florida Bay

I had a great time out there mikey thanks for the trip, you boat is badass 8-)
Saturday night was another great night by the fire, many drinks were downed(mountian dew) and I luaghed really hard as always.
Sunday I woke up and headed to the ramp at 7 I looked at the water and it looked out at the Bay and it looked a little choppy so I decided to head north without even wetting a line on sunday.
after spending three days in flamingo I have found a new favorite place on earth. 8-)
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It was a great time,...............thanks for fishing with me Tanner.

I'll post more later
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Good report and pics Tanner. My pics aren't that good, will post separately. Glad you could make it down there. Your parents are very trusting. Just don't violate their trust. I'll happily testify to your only drinking mountain dew. Thanks for the use of the phone. AT&T wireless :rocks:
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Had a great time . Saw some of the coolest shark activity ...wish that I had my camera that day .
Anyway , was a really special weekend with many stories to tell . Here's a few pics .
Anytime that you see Mikey and Tanner in the same boat ....gotta be a special event .

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oh ok, for what they're worth, here are some of my pictures...

First I'd like to say that in its uniquely own way, Everglades National Park is absolutely beautiful. It's well maintained by a large friendly staff of competent park rangers and staff.

Park entrance. Only 39 miles to go to get to Flamingo!

I got a little nose bleed from the altitude.

I didn't know this was an actual place.

This may have given another company an idea... lost hiker, no lost fisherman, ooh ooh, how about lostman?

Here's where to look for Curtis.

Pa-hay is Indian for "Rayzor is".

Raining towards Key Largo.

Small part of the refugee camp. RJ had the big tent.

Had a great time. Lots of laughs, lots of good food, drink, and cigars (thanks Mikey), lots of beautiful boats, but we coulda used some more bugs.
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Looks like you guys had fun. Good job

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Sweet looks like loads of fun!!!!
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had a blast. thanks to mike for maning the grill and to jason for teh reservations!!!

will post my report later. not too many pics to post.
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everglades, flamingo, camping

we had a good time. thanks everyone.

i will post report and pics later i'm wore out now.
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Been looking forward to this trip for a while. I have been getting the blue water itch also so I incorporated that into this trip too. Went to Ft Laud on Wednesday night to head out of Port Everglades on Thursday morning. As I got towards the beach I cold see the trees moving a little more than I had wanted. Put the boat in and headed out the port. By getting in late Wednesday night and out early on Thursday, I did not have the time to rig bait the way I wanted and had just deal with store rigged bait. Seas were about 2-4 feet. Threw some bait in and trolled around for a while. Tried some shallow and some deep. Didn’t have a depth finder but I fished here for years and went with past history. Worked out to some blue water in the area of the charters kite fishing. Back and forth between shallow and deep and color changes. Had one king strike. I saw hit and come flying out of the water. 10 feet in the air and covering about 30 feet of distance and bent like a tarpon. He was taking line. I set the hook and he continued to take more line. Then the line went slack. Hook did not set as well as needed. My other bait had the tail whacked off of it without catching a hook. Had a La Spada’s sub with Imac later on and Sam called lookin for someone to fish with this weekend since he was down south. That was Thursday.
Met him at the Flamingo boat ramp at 6:30 Friday morning and off we go. Mt dumbazz forgot to open the gas vent so that made my engine run a little funky at first. Then water had gotten into my gps and fried my navionics card which I determined later. Made running around down there not as fast as I would have liked. We ran to places where both of us had seen and/or caught plenty of fish in the past. We saw lots of dead ones from the recent cold snap and very few live ones. The dead ones we saw were snook, a lot of jewfish, and a lot barracuda which we confused at first for tarpon until we took a closer look. Sam had some pictures of them which I am sure he will add. Made for a very dreadful day of fishing. Dropped him off at the ramp and I went back out and tried another few spots. Ended that day with a small jack and a small trout. Set up camp and drank away the frustrations of the day.
Saturday, tried some other locations. At first spooked some fish but then desolate again. In the afternoon, I thought about what was going on and changed game plans and started catching fish. At one location, I caught a channel sailcat, a trout, about 6 lady fish of which some were decent sized and about 6 jacks. Woohoo, I got the trash can slam! I was at least catching fish. I had some tarpon freejumping around me but they wanted nothing to do with anything I was offering. Found another location and caught about 6 more jacks. Went in and drank away more or of my frustrations.
Sunday morning looked somewhat good and I wasn’t sure if the weather would cooperate with the upcoming front. The light winds quickly picked up in the morning. I worked 2 locations and was rewarded with 4 snook and a red.
Had a great weekend with everyone. Very fun time.

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