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Fishing Destinations Thread, Tribenwater Flamingo 2 - reports in TribeNwater Fishing; Didn't know if I was going to make it til the last minute on this one. Made it down by ...
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Didn't know if I was going to make it til the last minute on this one. Made it down by about 9 o'clock Friday night. Got there and the wind was barely anything but I knew it was on the way. Then about 10:30 that nightit showed up. teh suck.

Fished the whitewater bay side to try and avoid it but that was not happening. The inside is still a weak point for me fishing down there but I was going to give it a try and the windy conditions did not make it any easier. Managed a couple little snooklets and sight fished a jewfish that was about 24 inches or so. Blew some shots on other bigger reds and bigger snook. Lost several lures to the mangroves.

another one

I actually saw this guy swimming on a mud flat in about a foot of water. From a distance I honestly thought it was a redfish until I got it to the boat. This was my first jewfish so I was stoked about that.

This guy was on one of the rivers. It was fine when I ran by but wasn't to happy about getting its picture taken.

these guys found me at my secret lunch spot, yes i was eating lunch when they showed up

showing pictures of the day

thank you very much Lee for the great food

who's been drinkin in this one?

here's a clue

great meetin you Alex

Sunday the wind was still blowin and I decided to fish the outside. I heard about the vultures eating pieces of trucks window seals and wipers and scratching paint jobs. I put a tarp on mine the second day after seeing this. I chased them off of Sam's and Tanner's truck about 4 times and they would just go right back.

I ended up getting a couple of small reds and about 3 trout and a handful of ladyfish, jacks, and cudas.

The canal

I fished all areas that I had not fished before. Using the GPS I ran 130 miles in total over the weekend. Had fun with friends and made some new ones.
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Reads like an awesome trip.
Nice pics, too.
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looks like ya'll had a blast!! great pics! Jealous that I couldn't make it.
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Great reports and pics guys!

for me other then not having a "real" fire and some close friends not being able to make the event the trip was flawless. i enjoyed everyones company.

Picking up on my fishing report.

Day 2 - Friday night.

The rest of the group was setting up when we returned to camp. Lee and Alex had put a pork loin on that food was ready after I took one of the coldest showers of my life. It was great meeting everyone and getting to know them around our POS fire. COLD, heavy winds soon found us later in the evening and looked like they were going to damper Saturday's fishing. Jason talked as if we didn't have a chance to go so beers and maker's mark flowed heavily.

Day 3 - Saturday.

Waking up cold I was delighted to find myself hangover free. Lee was cooking a hot Breakfast casserole (Adrian hovered closely) and the wind wasn't quit as bad with a little sun on it.

After eating, optimism grew... Jason and Adrian agreed and we slipped out front to go "spot fishing". The wind she was angry put we pressed on. Seeing that sight fishing would be hard for us we decided to pick a species to hunt. I have a fondness for black drum, this would be the gage of our angling abilities for the day. We told ourselves we would call it a trip when one of us either cried from constant heckling or the black drum mission was accomplished. My stomach still hurts from the days events. Almost a dozen Black Drum...and all i could muster were redfish and a mixture of the usual suspects. As Jason would say " High Class Problems".

Here's some highlights from the day. Almost every picture was taken in side splitting laughter, deep rooted failure, mayhem or just general anguish.

Black Drum really are an over rated species.

(help me up! help me up!)

"My problems have problems"


By late afternoon I had all the fun I could stand and cried to go home...defeated, battered, and sad.

I'm not sure Jason's whipray will ever look the same.

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It was really great to meet the folks that went on the trip. Fishing with Derek and Adrian was honestly one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever had. At one point I actually started feeling sorry for the fish because both of these guys are so deadly at sight casting fish. With both of them on the bow and me sniping from the poling platform we had two outstanding days of fishing. However the company was the best part. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. I can't wait to do it again. Just remember what to do when I yell down "Ok don't anyone move..."
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looks like that was a good time. nice job fellas!!!
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I drove down Thursday morning with my buddy Gator Bob from St. Cloud with my Caimen in tow. Being a short day we decided to stay close and fish Snake Bight. On the outgoing tide we found a crystal clear tributary that was loaded with bait, reds and sharks. With me on the pole, Bob picked up three jacks.

We couldn’t get the reds to bite, so we relocated to a nice grass flat north of Murray Key just before sunset. We drifted the flat and I picked up a snook on topwater.

With the wind continuing out of the north, Porpoise Point was our destination for day two. Our first attempt we ran up Snake Bight channel but discovered that there was not enough water to get across the bight. We backtracked and ran through Tin Can Pass, and were able to access Porpoise Point from the south. We fished the west side with no luck. We drifted the east side and picked up two reds. Lotta work for two reds.

We finished the day back at our favorite grass flats where we picked up a couple more sunset snook and a trout to complete my Flamingo slam.

Day three the wind was blowing 20 from the northeast, so we decided to try the inside. We ran up through Coot Bay and Whitewater Bay. We cruised and poled endless canals and bays full of crystal clear, lifeless, tea colored water. After hours of nothing, we finally found fish in the Lane River. We caught, ladyfish, trout, snook, jacks, and snapper. Must have caught 30 fish before our arms got tired. One location saved the day.

Here’s a shot of us somewhere near Lane Bay courtesy of beavis.

Day four the wind died down so we decided to run to East Cape and fish some of the canals on the south east end of Lake Ingraham. By the time we got to East Cape, the wind had picked up out of the east, and we knew we were in for an interesting ride home. We found bait and reds on an incoming tide, but could not get any to eat. We found this guy sunning himself. Ain’t no gator.

Anticipating the rough ride home, we called it early and headed back to Flamingo through whitecapping waves. Not 50 yards from the marina, we ran out of gas and found ourselves drifting back out to sea. I quickly jumped up on the platform and poled us to shore, narrowly avoiding a real bad day.

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great pics and reports. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next trip.
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Those pics are awesome....

I wish we had fishing like that out this way.
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Originally Posted by Rayzor View Post
"Buttonwood",...the path leading to one of MY favorite Everglade places,...WHITEWATER BAY.

Hey Derek,..those blackies don't like the black curly tail I got some Exudes they really love down there.
he is clearly headed back from whitewater bay there
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