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Fishing Destinations Thread, Redfishing Louisiana Marsh, Capt. Greg Dini in TribeNwater Fishing; Recently I got back from Louisiana fly fishing with Capt. Greg Dini and photographer Sam Root from S altyshores . ...
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Redfishing Louisiana Marsh, Capt. Greg Dini

Recently I got back from Louisiana fly fishing with Capt. Greg Dini and photographer Sam Root from Saltyshores.

We flew into Louisiana Monday night about 8pm, right when Hurricane Ida was making land fall. Unbelievably Soutwest airlines did not cancel our flight. We flew in right behind the hurricane.

Our flight was a little rough on the approach but other than that it was not to bad at all. Sam did a priceline offer and got us a cheap hotel near downtown New Orleans. He offered $61 dollars for a 4 star hotel. I guess it was off season because the bid was accepted right away at the Pere Marquette a couple blocks away from Bourbon street. The rooms were pretty nice.

We were suppose to fish the next morning but the wind was gusting around 35mph and the water being murky we opted to stay in town and do the tourist stuff.

Not sure what these people were thinking?

We did the Aquarium tours, IMAX movie and of course of Bourbon street.

Fat Tripletail

Big cubera snapper

Sam shooting pics of the fish.

Louisiana food:

Dragos in downtown was awesome. We took Greg there for dinner and ate some softshell crabs topped with some crab stuffing. The Charbroiled Oysters topped with cheese and garlic was legendary. Good times.

Charbroiled Oysters

Crab stuffed lobster

The 2nd night we ate at Mulates. The food was not very good, salty, over cooked, service not so happening.

The 1st day of fishing we did good considering the wind was blowing over 20 knots. Plenty of redfish shots.

16 foot Inshore Power Boat we were using while Captain Greg Dini waits for his 18' East Cape Vantage, the boat did incredibly well for a flat bottom boat.

Where we fished was about 45 minutes from New Orleans.

Boat ramp.

Everything we fished looked like this, NO coverage from the wind.

On the hunt.

Good redfish.

Greg poling.

Fishing on the 2nd day we only had a half day because we had to be at the airport around 5pm. Each morning Greg would pick us up from the hotel and take us to Penny's for a big breakfast and we would order soft shell po boys for lunch...both days the food kicked ***. Greg has the place wired.

The wind died off quite a bit but was still blowing around 15-20, we caught a few nice redfish on spin first thing in the morning then Sam and I would trade the bow catching nice reds on fly the rest of the day as Greg poled us in one bay after another.

Red on DOA cal jig.

Average redfish on fly.

Before it was time to pack it in and get to the airport I told Greg I would push him up the next bay. It didn’t take long to find a victim, at first I thought it was a decent redfish siting on the point. As Greg fired off a fly a giant tail hit the surface, he stripped it a couple times and a enormous Black Drum mouth engulfed his fly. I think Sam got the bite on video. The fish weighed a little over 40 pounds.

After landing Greg's fish we cracked open some cheap beer to wash down our Soft shell crab Po Boys and headed to the barn.

We stopped by Greg's house on the way to the airport for a quick "ho bath" and made the plane with plenty of time to spare.

Greg's dog.

Go figure a purple house...

LA airport was probally one of the easiest to clear I have ever been through.

Glad to be home with my family but I already miss Louisiana and ready to go back. All in all it is a very inexpensive trip and can be done with a pretty tight budget if you plan accordingly. I think our flight from Florida round trip was around 360.00 for both of us.

Here's Greg's info if you want to check out fishing with him Welcome to Flywater Expeditions also if you go here you can see his daily fishing reports.
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Very nice , Derek and Sam . Brought back a bunch of La. memories . Missing the place as I'm typing .
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I wanna do that trip one day - awesome report and trip

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Looks like a great time.
"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver..."
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The black drum was sick!
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Captain Greg Dini seems like the man!

I wanna go!
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Louisiana is unbelievable. I got the chance to go out and pre fish with a couple of buddies who were fishing in the ESPN Redfish Cup last year. From what I hear Dini knows his stuff; next time I'm out there I'll have to take a ride on his new Vantage and try sticking a few big fish on fly.
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This is a must do trip for any inshore fisherman. We caught easily over 100 redfish in two days. I was already expecting a great trip but Greg put us on more giant reds than I could have imagined. He doesn't just fly fish he will gladly cater to watever your fishing comfort is. One of the most amazing things to me was when we left the ramp on Sat. morning there were probably 50 boats putting in. After about a thirty min. run we didn't see a boat until we got back to the ramp at 5p.m. Our two big fish of the weekend were a 36lb red and a black drum that easily pushed 40. We'll be back!
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