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Hell's Bay Darkside Association Thread, Marquesa in TribeNwater Boats; I own a waterman and love the boat, but currently debating a larger skiff or even an Egret 18 since ...
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I own a waterman and love the boat, but currently debating a larger skiff or even an Egret 18 since my family is starting to grow. Having a hard time though getting away from a skiff. I live in Jax and deal with St Johns often. Have been in the ECC Vantage and liked the ride, speed and stability with the 90. Have yet to take her for a ride with the 115. Vantage will be a very fast skiff with the 115.

What are the thoughts on the Marquesa? I understand that it is a Keys boat but wonder why you don't see many of these boats used in other areas. Or discussed as much as the smaller skiffs. I just don't typically hear much about this boat and wondered why. What are the strengths and weaknesses. What is the true top speed with a 90 and 115 and draft for each engine with the typical load? Can the marquesa handle high speeds in 2' chop with a soft ride?

Any thoughts would be great.

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Moxie ,I know Capt Wayne Simmons guides out of one in TampaBay I am sure he could give ya some info as you know Tampa gets sloppy .Nice boats
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I have a Marquesa with a 115 opitmax. The Marquesa is a Tarpon Boat not good for floating really skinny. Great riding in rough open water. The 115 optimax gets better gas mileage than the regular 90 and doesnt weigh that much more! I go 55 mph!
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