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Hell's Bay Darkside Association Thread, HB Professional in TribeNwater Boats; Has anyone run a new Pro with a Suzuki 90 four stroke. I put one on order and am considering ...
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HB Professional

Has anyone run a new Pro with a Suzuki 90 four stroke. I put one on order and am considering changin it from the yamaha f70 to the DF90. let me know your thoughts
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Zuk DF90 is to much weight for the 17.Pro and will kill the draft. stick with the 70hp 4 stroke Yamaha 37-40mph depending on load, sips gas and quiet.not a fan but you could get away with 90hp E tech if you are looking for a little more speed. GL
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i have a 2010 hull with yammie two stroke, 265lbs, boat regardless is somewhat slow, 44mph tops with light load melting the motor etc. Hole shot is better though.

it all depends how big you are and what type of fishing you do. Water in livewell, over 200lb dude, way i would try that motor.

I also have a 30 tank in my skiff which will offset any extra weight in the back. if i went with a zuk this is a must.

light guy, no troller, not much would be alright. skiff is skinny as heck properly balanced
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