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Hell's Bay Darkside Association Thread, 17.8 Livewell thoughts in TribeNwater Boats; I have a 2004 (half chine) 17.8 Professional with the large rear center livewell/baitwell. After digging out a half melted ...
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17.8 Livewell thoughts

I have a 2004 (half chine) 17.8 Professional with the large rear center livewell/baitwell.

After digging out a half melted dead menhaden out of my bilge for the hundredth time today, I am really disappointed with the livewell design on my boat. Baitfish are constantly getting back into my bilge under the open baitwell hatch. Most of the time I can dig them out, though with all the plumbing and wiring it is pretty difficult. However sometimes I dont see that finger mullet that jumped back there, or even better, one swims up under the cockpit floor and dies, which produces a nice aura in my garage.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

how many of you have the center console cooler rigged as a baitwell either with an airstone or a bait pump?

It seems to me the rear baitwell works better as a livewell/release well for caught fish.
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Keep your bait in a airaided box (like Engles bait cooler) or bucket inside the livewell. If you do this you have to go through two hatches/tops to get to the bait but they are contained now. If you modified you center cooler, would it make bait easier to get too and solve your problem?

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Exact same boat here, and had the exact same problem.

I did make some modifications to the baitwell to keep it from overflowing, which is the problem. Jumping mullet are another issue.

I modified the glass pop-out panel where the drain is by adding a lot of 1/2 holes only on the top few inches. works great to prevent overflow and I can keep the valve at wide open. I also have a piece of nylon window screen scrunched up like a big meatball and stuffed in the bilge rigging tube to keep them from swimming under the floor.

For bait sliding under the hatch( not a problem if water level is correct) I have a towel I soak, rollup and place there when dumping the net.
2004 17.8 90Yam

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