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Inshore Fishing Stories Thread, First Blood - Ghostrider's Revenge in TribeNwater Fishing Stories; Finally...Finally got all the little nit-nod things straightened out on the HPX for a day of fishing. Headed out with ...
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Redfish First Blood - Ghostrider's Revenge

Finally...Finally got all the little nit-nod things straightened out on the HPX for a day of fishing. Headed out with Lil Chalk about 0900 - stopped for some fresh fuel, drinks and ice and we were off.

Slid the HPX into the water and headed off into the unknown depths of St. Andrews bay. Finally pulled the throttle back and had several pods of humps moving away from the resting boat. Got up on the platform and put Lil Chalk on the point. Chased redfish after redfish, but could not get any love from these professional redfish. Finally headed off to some hidden gems that do not get pressured much.

Started poling around and fighting the swirling finally decided to blow south and we were in the right place. First fish gave me the cold shoulder about 5 times before bugging out. Was beginning to think the feed must be off and today would be tough. Poled on along the bank and spotted a pod of three fish....push pole between my legs I send a swim jig down range and finally lock into a nice fish. Handed the pole off to Lil Chalk and let him grunt and squeal .

First fish on the boat

Fished the rest of the day - seeing countless numbers of redfish. Lil Chalk is still a little green at fishing...he had several reds trying to eat his lure. Things never seemed to come together. He had a redish holding his exude in his mouth at one time, but not joy was received. Finally convinced another red to eat and we poled on down the bank.

Moved to one last spot to try and find some better numbers of fish. Found alot of fish, but they were not interested in anything I threw at them - spoon, topwater, jerk baits were all denied any service.

Lil Chalk was napping and I was poling along - casting to non-eating fish....I missed one and Lil Chalk wakes from his slumber and says he wants to fish. I say we will fish to that point and call it a day. He casts and casts and then he starts grunting and I hear my favorite song "drag singing". He gets the fish to the boat. The red had 12 spots and was released to fight again another day.

So ends the first of hopefully many trips on the HPX - boat ran great, poled even better and caught fish.

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A proud Dad moment !!!! Nice work , Jim .
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Great report, great pictures, nicely done...I'm sure your son will always remember those fish...
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