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Originally Posted by JRH View Post
There is nothing illegal about that picture. One more time, for those that read slow......
Interesting Jason. I found this a few minutes ago. So your personal interpretation of the law has changed?

"Prior to these new guidelines, FWC found that landing a fish, taking a picture and quickly releasing it was not within the definition of "possess" or "harvest". Now FWC is changing their guidelines to a more literal approach to the definitions of "harvest" and "possess". They're now saying there is no reason to boat the fish...take a picture with the fish still in the water and if you can't get the hook out, cut the line. The angler has no reason to measure the fish, so it has no business inside the boat or out of the water.

At least that's how I'm interpreting all of this.......... "

Page 2 - Article - Legal Issues Boating Tarpon or Jewfish
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Originally Posted by TroutTouter View Post
So your personal interpretation of the law has changed?

Yes, based on the press release I posted above.
"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver..."
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First of all I wouldn't like to see Tanner get busted, I think Tanner is a good kid most times. And it wasn't even Tanner with the fish

I posted it cuz not to long ago FWC was busting ppl for it by reading the forums.

Jason plz explain this I'm a slow reader but to me you would need a tarpon tag.

Tarpon may only be taken if a special tag is clipped to the fish's lower jaw. Several species, such as snook, redfish and spotted seatrout, can be kept only at certain times and sizes.
When a fish isn't allowed to be harvested, it must immediately be returned to the water free, alive, and unharmed. However, if a fish is allowed to be taken at a certain size limit, it's okay to temporarily possess it to measure it, as long as it is measured immediately after removing it from the water, and the fish is then immediately returned to the water free, alive, and unharmed if it is not a legal-size fish.
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