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Skinny Water Stories Thread, Mosquito Lagoon with Anthony and Jack in TribeNwater Fishing Stories; A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a young man named Anthony Abbaleo and his friend Jack ...
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Mosquito Lagoon with Anthony and Jack

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a young man named Anthony Abbaleo and his friend Jack fishing. He is quite the aspiring fisherman, who has a decked out fishing cart he made for his bike and fishes almost daily! I enjoy fishing with children more than any other age group, as I feel it plays a very important role in cementing the roots of a life long sport and encouraging the next generation to be stewards of our fisheries.

Anthony has been practicing fly fishing for a while, which is beyond impressive for a 10 year old boy as the rod is twice as long as he is tall, and I really wanted to show him what sight fishing Redfish on fly in Mosquito Lagoon was all about. He had never been to the lagoon and as we worked are way through a maze of islands and came to a stop, Anthony's eyes lit up as he saw just how beautiful the lagoon is with its grassy flats and large sandy patches.

I began to explain to him what to look for as I rigged up the fly rod with my favorite fly. He says to me "You mean like those?" As we drifted past a sandy spot filled with nearly 50 Redfish! I quickly jumped on the platform and positioned the skiff, and with Anthony ready, I gave the go ahead to cast. Anthony, who is quite good at casting, laid the fly out with about a 50 foot cast near the group of fish. I told him to wait, which he patiently did, and then strip tiny slow strips crawling the fly across the bottom. Within seconds the line snapped tight and Anthony began the battle with his first saltwater fish, a large Redfish no less, on the fly rod.

Fighting a fish on fly in cold, shallow, oxygenated water can be challenging to say the least. They are like energizer bunnies and just keep going and going. I asked him, "Is you wrist getting sore?"......He just looked at me and smiled! Within no time, he had the fish boat side. Remembering not to raise the rod, and to back down the skiff so I could land the fish, he seemed like a little pro!

This scenario played out several more times before the fish moved on. We decided we had "beat them up" enough, and I explained the importance of respecting the fish and their well being so we can come back and catch them again. He agreed and we headed to the ramp, with Capt. Anthony at the helm. On the way home, he must have said thank you 25 times, but I was the one who was thankful. Experiences like these are why I love to fish so much, and these days enjoy watching others catch fish more than catching them myself. Remember to take a kid fishing, and often, they are the future after all!

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Sounds like a good day, that is a very impressive for him to use the flyrod
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Good day billy I'm sure this will stick with the kids forever.
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Nice job Billy. Way to put them on the fish.
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Way to go. Hope to do the same soon. good post.
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Originally Posted by Rayzor View Post
This is ur greatest post.
and it's still on the first page!

Good job Billy!
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