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Skinny Water Stories Thread, Ending Thanksgiving Weekend Right in TribeNwater Fishing Stories; I hope everyone had as good of a time over the long weekend as I did. Got to spend time ...
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Ending Thanksgiving Weekend Right

I hope everyone had as good of a time over the long weekend as I did. Got to spend time with friends and family on and off the water. This past Sunday before getting back into the grind of working I decided to head out for a "quick" afternoon trip. That quick trip ended up taking a little longer than expected, but that's ok because the fishing was good. I wanted to get my wife hooked up on a nice redfish. She doesn't necessarily like fishing, but she does like catching. She has caught some fish before, but never really casted and done everything on her own. I was accompanied by Derek from Boldwater who was on a mission to catch some black drum so we grabbed a few dozen shrimp and hit the water. After poling around for a while and not really getting any good shots at redfish, we were about to head to our next spot. Then I looked up and saw a sight that always gets my heart pumping, about 75 yards away was a nice school of redfish. We pulled up and Derek was throwing a DOA shrimp and my wife had a jighead tipped with shrimp. The reds didn't want anything to do with the DOA, but quickly tailed on my wife's shrimp and the fight was on. She made quick work of the fish and landed what ended up being the smallest fish of the day.

Not really sure how she managed to pull the "small" fish out of the school, but shortly after we had a double header on over 40" redfish. My wife was throwing my little 1000 stradic and Derek had a 2500 stradic. It was quite a battle, the hooked fish kept wanting to school up together and we were afraid they were going to get tangled and break off. For a while we actually had several other fish following our hooked fish around. It was a site to be seen. All of this mayhem was going on, in my Gheenoe I might add, and the school just bunched right back up behind the boat and started tailing again. Here are a few pictures of the big fish. My wife's fish was maybe slightly shorter in length than Derek's fish, but it must have had a good 10lbs over Derek's fish.

We hooked the fish in about 2 feet of water, but they ran for deeper water when they were fighting so we were a little ways away from the school now, but you could still see them all tailed up and happy. It was now my turn on the bow and as Derek poled me up to the school I dropped another shrimp tipped jighead in front of the school and it was quickly picked up. I tighten down the drag on my fish and got him to the boat quickly so we could try to catch a few more. Here is a picture of my first fish of the day.

We end up landing 2 more reds bringing the total to 6 reds and all of them were very nice size. The water was nice temperature so all of the fish kicked away very healthy to fight another day. The sun was starting to get a little low in the sky so we decided to head off to our other spot to try and land a black drum before dark. We left the school of reds tailing and happy, I'm not sure how many we could have caught, but we all had our fill. Derek ended up landing a nice sized black drum before heading back to the ramp.

That was the end to a great day of fishing and left us with many of things to be thankful for. A beautiful wife, good friendships, and a day on the water to bring us all together.

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Looks like a great time :thumbup:
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Awesome job guys, (and Gal). Looks like the perfect day.
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