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Skinny Water Stories Thread, My 1st "legal" Slam(Tampa) in TribeNwater Fishing Stories; Been kinda lazy lately, so after hitting the snooze button like 2 time this morning I convinced myself to get ...
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Snook My 1st "legal" Slam(Tampa)

Been kinda lazy lately, so after hitting the snooze button like 2 time this morning I convinced myself to get up and just go. I only had a couple hours but wanted to check out the back country for a morning bite before I had to leave to actually get something done today.

715am... a late start for me but what the heck. The conditions were fall like. Crisp air morning with light breeze from the NE. The tide wasn't all that great today but it was nice out.

I didn't fish too far from the ramp as I don't run one of them there fancy wrapped boats with my picture on the side. There were mullets, there were bait man this area looks sweet! I started to see large pushes which usually mean reds. I started fan casting the area but all I pulled in was a rat red but at least the skunk was out of the way. This kept happening, lots of big pushes from big fish but all I pull in was a couple more small reds. It was time to move.. even though there are quality fish here they're not eating and I don't have time to wait much longer.

I started to work the shore line making my way back to the ramp. Staying about about 2' of water I worked the shallower shoreline thinking the fish would be sunning in the shallow waters as it heats up faster. With the water being so clear and the fish being super spooky I used a 1/4 oz jig head and 7'6" rod. This allow me to cast as far as possible.

This strategy paid off as 1/2 way to the ramp I get a nice fatty snook. Then down the shore line a couple of slot reds. The last cast of the day was a slot trout. At this point the one gulp curly tail I used all morning falls off and I was back at the ramp before 9am. Under 2 hours of fishing and got my 1st legal non "tourist" slam this year. Now to attempt a grand slam if I'm lucky enough

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Nice slam!

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