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Skinny Water Stories Thread, Fishing from a Motor Yak in TribeNwater Fishing Stories; I met Patrick of "No Distractions" at the Captain Mel charity tournament this past fall. He help sponsored the tournament ...
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Fishing from a Motor Yak

I met Patrick of "No Distractions" at the Captain Mel charity tournament this past fall. He help sponsored the tournament by donating a couple of sturdy aluminum kayak stake out poles. His company rigs these really cool kayaks with a remote control trolling motor on them. He wanted me to try one out some times. I'm always in to gadgets and this idea, I thought was pretty cool gadget idea.

I started kayak fishing in 2004 and has own several yaks in my time. I still have a couple laying around to fish for kingfish or tarpon every now and then but for the most part I'm using my motor boat. I do like yak fishing but If I only want to be out on the water for only a couple hours, or take someone, I like to get to my fishing holes quickly.

The concept of having a motor on yak, I can see, to some would be a sacrilege to the purist. For me it's just another toy to check out, and a new vehicle to get to the fish.

I met Patrick at the launch bright and and early. Dominick Greco, from Cape Coral also joined us this foggy morning. It took a bit to set up as Patrick had all kinds of kayak gadget on the Ocean Kayak big game I was going to check out today.

We were fishing by 7am. After getting knee high waters(enough for the prop) we lowered the MinnKota trolling more and were fishing. Standing up we used the remote to control the trajectory. I must say it was awkward at 1st using the trolling motor remote but got use to it soon enough. We cruised the flats and the mangroves shore lines casting jigs and plugs. The only thing I manage to catch was lizard fish and a puffer on top water. This wasn't a good sign for the fishing.

We gave up on this area and troll over to some near by mullet schools and Dominick and Patrick pulls in a couple of trout and ladies. We spread out some to find some fish. After about 1 mile of trolling around I finally found a good bite using the Mirrordine.. I pull in a nice red and some trout. Patrick and Dominick soon join me. I caught my largest trout this season of 25" on a Superspook jr. For about 1 hour the bite was consistent then the tide died on us. We waited for the incoming but it never really turned back on again.

We called it day about 2pm and we were a good 2 miles from the launch. What started out as calm day was now 15mph in our face on the way in. I kept thinking I hope this baterry don't die on me, but Patrick assures me it last about 10 hours. I got to say going 2 miles against the wind in yak was never easier than today. I think I lifted the paddle 2 times to get across some sand bars.

Thanks Patrick and Dominick, it was great time out there. Thanks for letting me try all your new kayak gadget it was way cool. I wonder if I can enter this yak in a paddle fishing tournament? lol ( I think not )

Thanks to Stowaway and Stowawayboy for helping with the filming and pictures.
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another great sam adventure!
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