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Species to be ID'd Thread, Lionfish sighting in Keys in ; Found this article in my local paper First nonnative lionfish found in Florida Keys <!-- CLOSE: #tool --><!-- CLOSE: #toolbox ...
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Lionfish sighting in Keys

Found this article in my local paper

First nonnative lionfish found in Florida Keys

<!-- CLOSE: #tool --><!-- CLOSE: #toolbox --><!-- CLOSE: #mi_story_detail_top -->Scientists in the Florida Keys discovered the first nonnative lionfish in the region that is home to the country's only living coral barrier reef.
The veracious eater has been rapidly multiplying in the Caribbean's warm waters. Officials believe the fish, a tropical native of the Indian and Pacific oceans, likely escaped from a Florida fish tank during a 1992 hurricane.
It has since been spotted as far north as Rhode Island, but hadn't been seen in the Keys.

<!-- CLOSE: #story_body_top -->A recreational diver reported seeing the fish off Key Largo. Scientists removed it Wednesday. They fear an invasion could devastate area reefs, as it has no known predators in the area. Officials are relying on divers to report sightings so they can immediately remove the fish.

<!-- CLOSE: #story_body_remaining -->
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i recently gave away 2 lionfish that were collected off Port Canaveral, crazy how fast and far they have spread...the Bahamas is loaded.
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They are getting thick in the Bahamas. We killed and ate over twenty on a recent trip. The had a one day kill tournament in Green Turtle and had 1500+. They are awesome eating. Very translucent meat similar to hogfish.
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