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TribeNwater General Chit-Chat Thread, Mitzi skiff 17 problems in TribeNwater Community; Hi, this post is meant to help Mitzi Skiff buyers prevent having the same materials and workmanship problems and defects ...
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Mitzi skiff 17 problems

Hi, this post is meant to help Mitzi Skiff buyers prevent having the same materials and workmanship problems and defects as I have. Regarding 2009 or later Mitzi Skiff flats boats, you may want to check for these dangerous problems in materials and workmanship (reviews). The newer hulls are built with a separate hull and cockpit, using 2 pieces. For about 87 inches of the cockpit (on both sides) the insert separated from the liner causing a serious weakening of the hull structure of my Mitzi Skiff 17. Other Mitzi Skiff owners have reported other defects issues. Let me know if you believe it's important to alert boat buyers to defective workmanship and materials problems. You can get the full details at (please note this Mitzi Skiff flats boat is NOT for sale) Lee / Anglers and guides helping to save sport fishing at

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Unless I am missing something, you bought a blank boat, overpowered it, and it broke.
Your "I saw another guy with a 90" argument is hilarious, especially seeing how litigious you were with your son, one would think you would know that is wrong and will not hold up in court.

You ask mitzi to fix the issue - they offer to do so, but not with the 90 on the boat. If you read between the lines, they are saying take the motor off. They could probably have chosen to leave you high and dry based on your email stating you overpowered the boat. Which is most likely what will happen when you take it to court now.

After mitzi continuing to offer to fix, and you continuing to whine, you then decide you want a full refund or you will show the world what an azz you are.

You are going to be hard pressed to find someone who agrees with you on this given your attitude and approach. Good luck with the smear campaign.
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Hey Tommy, thanks for your reply. Since I was successful at developing direct marketing campaigns during the first 20 years of my career, and also successful as an executive coach during the second 20 years of my career, reading between the lines is something I do quite well. From your statements it appears you do not comprehend the complete story I described on my webpage at WARNING: Mitzi Skiffs/Used Mitzi Skiff 17 For Sale/Flats Boat .

A second read may be prudent for you since you may have overlooked the following paragraph directed to Brad Grubbs (owner of Mitzi Skiffs) i.e. "Unlike the scenario in the forum, I am not settling for a replacement hull but rather a full refund. After buying a Mitzi 17 from you that cost me an additional $716.89 to fix defective workmanship issues before I even got the boat in the water, and now having to deal with these major structural materials and workmanship defects -- I'd have to be a fool to allow you the opportunity to do this to me a third time."

At any rate, when I put trust in a company to deliver a sound product, and they fail, I expect them to bear the full consequences of their actions. As I said on my webpage, I will not be the fool to allow Mitzi Skiff to try and fix these severe issues when they have already proven to me they are incapable of even coming close to the "skilled Hatteras Yacht workers" they allude to on their website.

BTW people who truly understand this situation support me fully. Even so, a wise man once told me that everyone is right depending on their point of view...

I have no argument with you or anyone else who does not agree with my handling of this Mitzi Skiff issue. I merely stated the facts on my webpage and how you interpret them is your prerogative. Lee

"All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed;
Second, it is violently opposed;
And third, it is accepted as self-evident."
~Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher (1788-1860)

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