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TribeNwater Marine Field Guide Thread, A few shots of my reef tank in ; Heck yeah man! Thanks Billy....
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Heck yeah man!

Thanks Billy.
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Just got a female for my male spotted mandarin dragonette. This may not appear to be anything other than a couple cool looking fish to the untrained eye, but these fish are supposed to be impossible to keep, and usually fight to the death on sight, so this is quite an accomplishment!

It was quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen to date in the hobby when they met. Here's how it went!

I fed them both, and then released her. She swam towards him, flaired out clearly showing her round fin. He approached her, and they bit each other a few times hard and locked up for a second. The female then quit biting, but stayed flair, while the male hovered above her, still biting her but much softer on her back, and then moving to her face. It was clear she was submitting to him. They stayed there in the open water for a few seconds, and then he swam over to the powerhead and nailed a pod, after which she ate something too. She then started grazing with him, and hasnt stopped, following him around the tank, not more than a few inches apart, grazing together.

In less than 2 minutes, they met, sorted out dominance, and paired up. It was simply incredible. Please enjoy these pics as much as I am!!!!!!

And they sleep together as well.

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Cool stuff
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