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TribeNwater Tackle Box Thread, daiwa sealine 900h/910h rebuild in TribeNwater Fishing; as old as they are, the daiwa 900h and 910h are still very popular among big fish fishermen. here's your ...
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daiwa sealine 900h/910h rebuild

as old as they are, the daiwa 900h and 910h are still very popular among big fish fishermen. here's your reel.

what were going to do is change out the old 3-stack of drag washers to a new 5-stack of carbon fiber with thinner metal washers.

we're going to install a bigger handle grip.

and change out the rod clamp.

first, let's back out each one of the left side plate screws (key #'s 2 and 3).

note that the three screws on top are shorter than the two screws on the base.

add a bead of grease to each screw hole and zip the screws back in.

now, lets back out all of the right side plate screws (key #'s 51 and 52).

the reel separates easily into three pieces, the spool, frame and right side plate.

lube the left side plate bearing.

take an old toothbrush and clean up the inside of the frame.

i'm going to install a 6/0 penn graphite clamp.

ok, the frame is done.

let's clean up the spool a little.

and back into the frame it goes.

now, on to the right side plate.

remove the handle lock screw (key #66).

remove the handle handle screw (key #65) using a a handle wrench from a shimano tld 20/30 two speed.

remove the handle (key #64).

remove the handle washer (key #63).

remove the star drag (key #62).

remove the spacing sleeve (key #61).

remove the tension springs (key #58 and 60) and drag spring washer (key #59).

back out the three set plate screw A's (key #45) and set plate screw B (key #46).

the set plate assembly (key #29) will drop out as a unit.

here's the old stack of drag washers compared to the new stack.

here's the height of the old drag stack.

here's the height of the new stack.

slap a thick coat of cal's drag grease on every carbon fiber drag washer and rebuild the drag stack.

install the spacing sleeve (key #61).

place two fingers over the four set plate screws.

the set plate should lay down cleanly into the right side plate.

flip the right side plate over.

tighten down the set plate screws (key #'s 45 and 46).

install the tension springs (key #58 and 60) and drag spring washer (key #59).

install the star drag and turn it down until it is well past the shoulders of the drive shaft.

install the handle washer (key #63).

now to switch out the smaller stock grip for a larger kolekar grip. first, let's drill out the rivet.

the new grip bolts right on.

tighten down the handle screw (key #65) using the shimano wrench.

install the handle lock screw (key #66).

the right side plate is done.

lube the spool shaft.

lube the set plate bearing (key #28).

install the right side plate assembly.

install the right side harness lug (key #18) and rod brace lug (key #19).

install the right side plate screws (key #'s 51 and 52).

so here is our completed reel. you now have a full sized handle grip, a stack of 6 penn drag washers (1+5) and a new clamp. the driving force behind this rebuild was the need to increase the drag range of this reel. a stack of four drag washers (1+3) only delivers 20 pounds of drag. that is way too low for a reel this large. by cutting thinner metal drag washers, i could use a set of five #6-116 penn ht-100 drag washers inside the gear and a single #6-114 drag washer underneath the gear. this stack of drag washers will deliver 30 to 35 pounds of drag, bringing the reel up to it's full potential.

to convert a sealine 910h to a 900h, you need a 900h set plate (part #783-3302), a 900h handle screw (part #781-2301), a handle set screw (part #353-2811) and a 900h handle (part #748-1101). you can call daiwa at 562-802-9589 and order these parts. the total should be somewhere around $30. add to that a 6/0 kolekar grip for $33 handle upgrades - please read this first and a drag washer set for $25 drag washer kit - daiwa sealine 900/910 .

the other alternative is to cut the handle arm of the 910h a little shorter. the set plate for the 910h is quite a bit shorter than the 900h.

there you go. great reel, and a much better value than the 9/0 penn senator 115L.

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Thats awesome man, great pics and step by step
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